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About Us

S.E Synergy Sdn Bhd is specializing in supplying various types of packaging products, Fasteners/ Screws, hardware and plastic material for industrial applications.

Our company main objective is to provide ‘Total Industrial Solutions’ with value added services in term of cost, quality & delivery. Through our commitment and sensitivity to the market needs, our supply chain and inventory is always ready to fulfil customers’ requirement.

Company Strengths

1. Sourcing agent - Time & cost saving
  Acting as a sourcing agent for our customers whereby take into consideration of maximising price competitiveness and quality of goods. Comparison and evaluation of price and quality of products will be made among suppliers from time to time.
2. Product variety - Time & cost saving
  We are supplying variety of products by promoting ‘One Stop Solution’ to our customers. By doing this, our customers will be able to reduce operating cost and optimize manpower usage when dealing with lesser suppliers. Furthermore, consolidation of various products may increase customers’ purchasing power which will get more competitive cost.
3. On Time Delivery - To ensure smooth product supply
  We promote prompt deliveries and satisfy customers with practise ‘Just in Time’ concept for bulky and active items. We have a storage place with buffer stock which will cater for customers’ urgent requirement to ensure no interruption of goods supply to our customers./li>